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G. Gray

Hi Shirley-

Greetings!  Just a suggestion, but why not just use the * key.    Then all the reader would have to do is do a search for * using ctrl + F and then just hit that combo again.  The chapters could be designated something like this:

*Chapter 1  My Youth

*Chapter 2  The Teen Age Years

Just a thought, but I use the * key all the time in most of my's a real timesaver!!!

Listening for that Shout!,
(1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

On 2/19/2021 3:48 PM, Shirley Tracy wrote:

Hi all,


This may sound like a silly request from a non-tech JAWS user, but here goes: Is it possible for me to create a link in a word document that will take the person reading it  to another place in that same word document. In other words, I’d like to create a same-page link.


I’m trying to write our family history, and my grown children don’t want it printed. They want me to send them the document so they can simply read it online. I have a table of contents and would like to create a link from each content to the section it references. Is this too convoluted, or is it simple enough for me to accomplish?












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