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Marty Hutchings

I am using iTunes latest version with JAWS 21 latest build and Windows 7. I have an iPod Shuffle 4th Generation, iPod Touch 6th Generation, iPhone SE and an iPhone 8. Although it is a bit cumbersome, like it has been said earlier in this thread, Tab And Shift Tab are your friend. The Alt Key will get you into the menus, although nothing is spoken until you hit the Down arrow after pressing Alt.
It does seem that Freedom Scientific could spend more time configuring JAWS to work with more commercial programs, or Apple could make their programs accessible, but there are some incredibly talented script writers out there that I am sure, could put something together that would make iTunes a little more screen reader friendly. How about it anyone?

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Hi yes you are all correct apple has made no attempts to make their
itues software accessible with JAWS!

One solution I would do if you have aira is have them help you by
having aira log into the computer with team viewer and then telling the
aria agent what you ant to do for example moving music from widnwos
into itues and then having them transfer it to your iphone or ipdad.

I know most of you want to do thsi independently but Apple will not
make any changes to their program.

Unfortunately, if you have a mac then it works properly, howveer most
people wnat a pc and they should make changes to. I wonder if we should
all write apple and demand they fix this.

I know the NFB sued apple for accessability and maybe it's time for
that to hapen again or the acb necds to put a fire uncder them!

I hope this heops.

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