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On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 01:09 PM, Andrew Summers wrote:
I used Excel to open the file.
Then the questions are twofold:

1.  Do you have a header row (which you generally should, with the first row of cells being the name of the data below it)?

2.  Is the data in each row beneath that header row correct in that the name, email address, etc, all belongs to the person or entity you expect it to?

Most exports are not sorted by last name, for instance.  You can ask Excel to do this for you, but after checking a single entry, if everything appears to be "in order" for that single row of cells, it should be for all others as well.

You have no control over how any given webmail or email client does its export, while you do as far as field mappings when it comes time to import.

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