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You won’t get any arguments about the lack of accessibility with iTunes on Windows here.


At best, it is a program to be worked around/with.

After the demise of Window-Eyes, iTunes has been awful to deal with and was only somewhat tolerable with Window-Eyes.


The tab key will become your friend, or at least necessary companion, as well as control+COMMA TO OPEN THE SETTINGS AND TAB AND ARROW YOURSELF SILLY GETTING THE SETTINGS THE WAY YOU WANT THEM.

Yes, alt+f is the best way to get into the regular menus and then just arrow up down left and right….






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apple makes their devices totally accessible, but once windows becomes involved, everything goes to hell!!

once more, thanks to the lads in freedom scientific for looking at the main apps out there and making jaws work with them.

netflix still does not work properly.

great work!!!


in case noone gets it, i am being sarcastic!!


sorry, but it bugs me everytime i come across something out there, that is from a major player, and freedom scientific, yet again, has not tested it.





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I am having similar issues with the iTunes player downloaded from the Microsoft store. The Microsoft version required clicking on something with a mouse when I wanted to create a shortcut on my desktop. I had to contact Microsoft Disability desk and the tech that handled it told me that the version that the Microsoft store was downloading did not have a means to do this with a keyboard command.



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Subject: Re: itunes with jaws 2021.




I am totally frustrated with this, perhaps someone could help.

I have just purchased a new ipad, and i have loaded the itunes app onto my windows 10 pc.

Everything is up to date, windows, jaws etc.

The app seems to be totally inaccessible with jaws.

Should I be using the actual program rather than the Microsoft store app?

Generally, i find apps not very accessible.







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