moderated Re: itunes with jaws 2021.

Chris Hill

I don't think it matters where you get itunes.  Tab and shift tab are very necessary, alt doesn't seem to bring up the menus, but alt+f will give you the file menu and you can arrow around from there.  Not all that accessible, but for what little you'll actually need it for, it will sort of work.

On 2/19/2021 07:50, Patrick Murphy wrote:



I am totally frustrated with this, perhaps someone could help.

I have just purchased a new ipad, and i have loaded the itunes app onto my windows 10 pc.

Everything is up to date, windows, jaws etc.

The app seems to be totally inaccessible with jaws.

Should I be using the actual program rather than the Microsoft store app?

Generally, i find apps not very accessible.







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