Moderated Re: Most accessible antivirus or security suite with JAWS

Phillip Gross

Thanks. As I said it has been a couple of years and I was considering my options.

I studied the test results before I did anything. I realize it’s close to the top and performs well, but so do several others. There aren’t many tests out there that tell you how well something works with a screen reader and I was curious how others performed.

I realize it’s a small, hell minuscule, sample-size but the only malware I have received in the past 2 years was missed by Windows Defender. Luckily a MalwareBytes scan caught it. I’m not denouncing Windows defender because of this.

Finally, something I should have added in my original post, I use my computer for freelance work and receive files who’s origins I can’t always be 100% sure of. I don’t mind paying for peace of mind, I would rather not, but I don’t mind if I have to.

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