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Mike B.

In My case the PDF file wouldn't open, at all.  I I was able to OCR the file with Jaws and get the text but, it just wouldn't open.  got the same file from a different website and it opens with both Adobe and QRead.  On the other hand when I used the Doxillion document Converting program to convert the PDF to either a DOCX or TTXT file it wouldn't work very well because it was heavy on the graphics.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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This may not apply to you at all but I thought it is worth mentioning that someone else has reported a similar new problem with opening PDF documents.  The issue is that Jaws reports empty document in Adobe even when it is known that the text has been correctly OCR into the PDF. Previously this would have enabled Jaws and other screenreaders to access the text with no issue.


This problem specifically relates to Adobe Acrobat but may apply to other PDF readers like QRead or Word I guess. I think Adobe cannot even save as text in these circumstances.


Researching this on Adobe Help pages there is apparently a feature called “searchable text” which works by leaving the text which has been recognised by OCR quote “under” unquote the scanned image rather than replacing it.

Some screenreader users are finding it difficult to access the text contents because it is hidden behind the images. The feature has been introduced so that sighted people can search for the text, even though they are seeing a picture of the original scanned image of the book/document. This scanned version previously  would not be text searchable but now is, allowing sighted users the best of both worlds, looking at pictures of the original book layout and at the same time being able to search for text as if it was an eText document.


The immediate  solution to  this is apparently  to open the PDF in Google Chrome where the Chrome engine is able to access all the eText, even on the PDF documents which report empty document when loaded into Adobe Acrobat.

So worst case scenario is simply to load the offending document in Chrome and then copy and paste the text contents out into something like Word.


For people scanning documents  with Adobe there is now an additional setting under the OCR section  which if checked, averts this problem and allows the scanned text not to be hidden behind the scanned image and allows simple text as available previously. Off hand I cannot remember what this is.

I can probably search this out if needed as I had to post it from an Adobe Help page for someone else.


David G.




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Yes, that's how I was able to get the contents of this user guide I downloaded for a list member of another list.  I'm going to try downloading the file again to see if it's the site, or just this particular file.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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I thought it was strange you were asking such a simple question. LOL Sorry I wasn't of any help. :) So did you try to OCR it useing the applications menu?

On 2/17/2021 1:59 PM, Mike B wrote:

Selecting QRead as the default should do it, but didn't.  I think I may have a bad PDF file.  Adobe Reader wouldn't read it either hence the reason for giving QRead a try.  Thanks much for your help.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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press windows key type default programs, press enter then tab to PDF's andpress the space bar. select Q Reader from the list. Then press enter. That should do it.

On 2/17/2021 12:35 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi All,


I recently installed QRead again, set it as my default PDF reader but, for whatever reason it's not opening PDF files and reading them for me.  Would someone please give me a hard kick in the right direction to get Jaws and QRead working together to read my PDF files?  I'm sure it's a setting I'm missing but, which one it is I'm not sure.  Thanks mooy moocho.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.


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