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On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 01:31 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:
But you don't know.
Well, I'd argue that.

If you toggle on a feature for leader, and the feature is toggled on, the leader is there.

It's no different than using a list in word, once you've turned on a list, and I'll use a bulleted list as the example, if I'm told I'm in that list when working I don't need the screen reader to tell me, for every item, what bullet shape is being used after I've initially chosen or set them.  They're just there, and I know they're there because I am using the list feature.

If there were no way of knowing whether a feature had been activated or not, then you have no idea what's there.  But when a feature that has a defined behavior is activated, and you're using it, the whole idea is so that you don't have to double check what it automates - it's just there.  And, again, what you stated at the outset about alignment allows you to infer that it's there, as if it weren't, the page numbers would certainly not align, whether a leader were in use or not.  The table of contents feature reliably handles formatting for the various sections per the settings you've chosen.

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