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Bill White

Hi, Leonard. I don't know exactly what type of device the computer thinks you're hooking up, but the setting would be in Control Panel>AutoPlay. Change whichever setting affects the phone to View Files In Windows Explorer. Then you can see what's on your Phone. Also, you can vary the amount of time these toast notifications stay onscreen, and I'll tell you below how to set that, too.

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Open Ease of Access.
3. TAB to Use the Computer without a display, and press ENTER.
4. TAB about five times, until you hear How Long Should Notifications Stay Open?
5. Adjust the combo box to the length desired.
6. TAB to Apply, and press ENTER.
7. TAB to OK, and press ENTER.

Now that notifications stay onscreen longer, you have more time to press SHIFT plus WINDOWS plus V to hear the notification. You may also see the notification in Action Center, which you get to with WINDOWS key plus A.

Bill White

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When I plug my iPhone in to my computer I get the message asking me
something like "tell the computer what happens when a device is attached
to this computer?" I am paraphrasing of course since this balloon
message goes away so quickly. In windows 10 where is the option to make
a choice to answer Win10's question?

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