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Ann Byrne

If you want that message not to display, press the windows key and type the word "autoplay". There are choices concerning what you want the computer to do when it sees various types of external devices--SD card, flash drive, and so on. When you find the choice you want, you have to press enter on it or the computer won't remember. then tab to the next device and choose again.
the next time you plug in an external device, windows/autoplay will do whatever you set it to do.

At 04:34 PM 2/15/2021, you wrote:
When I plug my iPhone in to my computer I get the message asking me something like "tell the computer what happens when a device is attached to this computer?" I am paraphrasing of course since this balloon message goes away so quickly. In windows 10 where is the option to make a choice to answer Win10's question?

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