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JM Casey

I don’t often use the “downloads bar” anymore either, but ctrl-j will also get you a separate window showing the browser’s downloads library  in I think Chromium-based and Firefox browsers. It’s not the same as opening your downloads library with file explorer as not all your standard commands are available on the downloads bar, but it will show specifics about the file and its download source, etc, that file eplorer generally doesn’t.


Not sure what is meant by the “audio cue” as all browsers can prompt whether to download something/save it or not.


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Subject: Re: how to download without going through f6 download bar




I am not sure this will answer your question or meet your needs but this is what I do.  I rarely use F6 to go to the download page.  I simply use windows E for file explorer and then do first letter navigation to get to the download page.  Then I open the file that was downloaded and either read it or save it.  While I am sure there are many ways to work efficiently with the download bar (F6) I find this method effective for me and not frustrating.  I must admit that I found Internet Explorer easier to use because it gave you an audio cue to hit alt N and then you could simply tab to open or save and then arrow down to complete your necessary actions.

Hope this helps some and thanks to everyone on this list for all of the tips and instructions which are constantly being listed.  I learn something new every day.



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Subject: Re: how to download without going through f6 downlod bar


A while ago someone mentioned how to download and the item would automatically be placed in your downloads folder without having to go through the f6 procedure. Could someone please remind me how this is done.

And, whilst on this topic, do we no longer use alt n to access the save or open options?


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