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I'll agree that this is not a "dumb question."   Most of us have our standard procedures, but when something occurs to make those not feasible at the moment, alternatives must be sought out.

My only note is that this question has nothing at all to do with whether JAWS is being used or not.  ALT+F4 is a global Windows command for any program, and using the Word File Backstage View to Close (ALT+F,C) is a Word Command.

I cannot find any exit option in Word 2016 or later via the file menu.  If you have multiple files open, using the close command will actually close the word window for all but the final one.  When you're on the final one, it will close the document, but leave Word itself open.

ALT+Spacebar, in almost any given program, will bring up the main window context menu, which is short, and the last item is generally Close (or Exit if Close is used on the only instance of the window), so ALT+Spacebar,C will generally nuke any given window you happen to be looking at.  There are rare exceptions, but Word isn't one of those.

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