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Sometimes the special function keys setting can be changed in
control pannel under keyboard in the function keys category and other
times this setting would need to be changed in BIOS which is
inaccessible to screen readers.
I would begin in the control panel under keyboard link and see if
there is any tab when pressing control tab that states function keys
You could also try pressing the fn key to the left of the space bar
with escape to disable it temporarily while you press insert f12 for
example to check time.

On 2/15/21, John J. Fioravanti, Jr. <> wrote:
Hi: can I change that back?

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I wonder if your function keys got turned to the other functions, like
volume and such.
Try using the special FN key, usually left of the space bar, along with
Otherwise, you can do insert + B for the task bar and arrow to the time if
you have it set to display the time there.
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Hi: I'm having a problem with my function keys on my laptop, so insert+f12
doesn't say date and time. Is there any other way for jaws to give me this
Thank you.

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No worries! The only dumb question is the one not asked. To close Word
ALT-f followed by x or up arrowing 1 time to exit.

Lee Anne

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Good morning: I have a problem with my f4 key on my laptop keyboard. I know
this should be obvious but how can I completely close word other than with

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