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You can use first letter navigation in both the Edge and Brave browsers. You must have the Favorites/Bookmarks Bar visible. Here's how it's done:

Press alt-shift-b. You should land on a folder of your favorites/bookmarks. If you have more than one folder, you can use the left and right arrow keys to select the folder you want. Then, press the down arrow. From this point, you can use first letter navigation to navigate your favorites/bookmarks.

I use both Edge and Brave and have used this method in both browsers successfully.


On 2/14/2021 2:37 PM, Patrick Murphy wrote:
The most friendly and compact browser i have found based on chrome is called brave.
It acts exactly like google chrome, edge, etc. If you want to get to the favourites menu using this browser, all you have to do is keep pressing the f6 key until you get to the menu.
After that, you can use first letter navigation to find what you want.
If you have only one thing beginning with "s" for example, as soon as you press "s" that web page will load.
If you have two things beginning with "s" you will land on the first one.
Hitting enter will then load this page.
Otherwise, you can down arrow to the next "s" entry.
As chrome based browsers go, i have found this to be very secure, compact and lite on computer resources and space.
You can also add/remove as many or few extensions as you like.
It also gives a much better reading on things like speed tests.
Edge keeps changing too much for me to use.
Once you get used to something in edge, they change it.
My advice, install brave and try it.
You also have the option to keep what you have, or upgrade on the next build.
It is not forced on you like edge is.
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I wish one could use first-letter navigation to browse favourites, just
like in Chrome itself with their bookmarks feature.
The way it currently works is a bit time-consuming, using
control+shift+o, then waiting for the tree view to gain focus.

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