moderated Re: Microsoft Edge, no more favorites manager/have to do with context key now


On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 03:33 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
If it's already in the Dev version than it's I guess a step closer to being in a public release

The Canary channel has new builds nightly, the Dev Channel every week, and the Beta Channel every 6 weeks.  See: 

Download Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

I've actually been using Edge Dev since before the new Chromium-based Edge was widely released, and it's been so trouble free that I've just stayed with it.  I do, of course, have the production release of Edge on my machine like any Windows 10 user does that's up to date, but I don't use it, favoring Edge Dev instead.

I actually prefer the search function to first letter navigation because you can, and often do, have lots of favorites that start with the same letter, but by the time you've typed two or three, you've often zeroed in on exactly what you're looking for and a down arrow lands you on it. 

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