moderated Re: Is there a dedicated accessibility support group for LibreOffice?

Richard Turner

I did some web searching for Libreoffice accessibility mail list, and found the archives to the list you are referring to and the most recent archives which are way, way down the page are for February 2021.  The link to the archives is below.


It is not clear to me how you would subscribe,

But I’d try again with the word Subscribe in the subject field and send it to:



Here is the archives link.


List Archives (






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From: <> On Behalf Of Richard B. McDonald
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2021 1:10 PM
Subject: Is there a dedicated accessibility support group for LibreOffice?




Is there some sort of support group, like this one, for LibreOffice?  From their information, they said to subscribe to accessibility@....  I did this several times several days ago, but never received any kind of confirmation nor failure email message in return - nothing.  This makes me think that whatever group may have been there in the past is now defunct.  So, is there something else?




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