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David Diamond

Sounds complicated.  The interesting thing is with Zoom some sighted persons cannot tell if they are muted or not.  The host is constantly telling them to mute themselves.  Myself, I just do the alt A command to find out if, indeed I am muted. Apparently there is a microphone in the taskbar, if it has a line through it, you are muted.  No line through and you are live.  Be careful what you say, everyone can hear what you really think of the presenter.  LOL.   


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Senfrom2889 as long you have the latest rev of jaws either zoom or teams work just as well. my company uses teams and so i have spent a lot of time using teams and jaws together. cool features in teams with jaws are altland h hang up call. ability to set teams and jaws volume separately. use control shift anad m tol mute and unmute microphone. teams also supports text chat lhintfromGaubert<gerygaubert@...>rt<gerygaubert@...>net>wrote:e::

SO I am in a pinch, I have a podcast that I will be in on Thursday.  I have never used zoom or teams.  Any suggestions on which one works better with jaws?

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