Moderated Re: zoom or microsoft teams

David Diamond

I’m in twice a week meetings and have used zoom since the inception of the meetings via zoom in March 020.  The controls are simple, Alt A to mute or unmute yourself, Alt V to turn on or off your video etc. I have no idea about teams as I’ve either used facetime, skype or Zoom.  Now Facetime or zoom is my primary source of internet communication when I cannot call them without incurring long distance charges on my iPhone.  .   


From: <> On Behalf Of Gery Gaubert
Sent: February 14, 2021 7:54 AM
Subject: zoom or microsoft teams


SO I am in a pinch, I have a podcast that I will be in on Thursday.  I have never used zoom or teams.  Any suggestions on which one works better with jaws?

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