moderated Re: How accessible is LibreOffice with JAWS?

Richard Turner

I do not use it much, but when I installed it to deal with a particular conversion issue it worked very well.

When you open it, at least for me, you get the following as you tab:

LibreOffice 7.0 checked
Open File Button‑ O
Remote Files Button‑ s
Recent Files button menu‑ R
Templates button menu‑ e
Writer Document Button‑ W
Calc Spreadsheet Button‑ C
Impress Presentation Button‑ I
Draw Drawing Button‑ D
Math Formula Button‑ M
Base Database Button‑ B
Help Button‑ l
Extensions Button‑ x
Recent Files List List box‑



I only played a little with the calc spread sheet and the writer, but given that it is free, it is well worth checking out.




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I am using Windows 10 and JAWS 2020.  How accessible is JAWS with LibreOffice 7.1.0?





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