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Just a note for this thread, when you are dealing with google, Amazon, or even Apple devices, these companies are considered the Big 3 when it comes to gathering data on User experience(UX). Every time you use their website or devices that are connect to the internet, you’re being tracked. Your UX is stored in monster size data warehouses. In other words, through the use of artificial intelligence(AI), you and your friends that you connect with is cross checked and analyzed for patterns(your habits) and they use this auto filling and what pop up advertisements you receive. The only way to cut down on this data gathering is to remove the stored cookies or do not agree to allow cookies and time to time delete your browser cache.


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In the latest versions of Chrome, autocomplete is handled in the You and Google Pane, Sync & Google Services control

1. Open Chrome Settings, ALT+F,S

2. Navigate to the You and Google Pane (which is actually where you should have landed when Settings opens), and once in the Pane itself navigate to Sync & Google Services control, and activate it

3. Navigate to the toggle for, Autocomplete searches and URLs, and toggle it off.

This will not prevent the "previously visited" list from appearing beneath the address bar as you type, but it prevents anything from autocompleting in the address bar itself as you type.

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