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A splendid question for Vispero/Freedom Scientific.






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Subject: Re: JAWS February build And Microsoft Teams


               One thing that I don’t understand about the jaws update that they released in January 20th of this year, is that I didn’t see anything about a jaws update that I should have gotten,  was that their was no notification notice regarding that their was even an update to be downloaded to install.  If not, then why  not?


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Subject: Re: JAWS February build And Microsoft Teams


JAWS 2021.2012.57 - January 2021 Is the latest version on the downloads  page.




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Hi, when did the JAWS February build come out? And where did you get it from? And just to be on the same page,

We are talking about Jaws 2021, right??



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Subject: JAWS February build And Microsoft Teams


Hi all,


Not sure if anyone has noticed, when in Microsoft Teams and using ctrl+2 to bring up the chat list, you can arrow down and if you want to remove one of the chats, there is a hide option if you arrow down.  It is the one after the mute option.

JAWS seems to read some random things at the beginning when you arrow to the option as below:

.st0{opacity:.74} Hide ‑




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