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Richard Turner

Well, depending on exactly how fancy you want to get, I’ve used NoteTab Pro for years as a basic html editor.

It has many templates that you can pretty much fill in to get the basic page, then, you can either do the rest by hand, or use the pull down menus to add other html codes.

I don’t know if it is still being developed.


Also, CSS HTML Validator is a great program for editing and creating web sites, but it is very complex and I probably only touch about 5% of its capability.

I don’t do anything with forms or online purchases, just basic information on my site, which is mostly a hobby.

When I first began to learn HTML I found some very good online lessons, but that was 18 or 19 years ago.

Try searching for learning html code or something like that.







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Subject: Jeff Lukacsena: looking for coding, programming, and website info


Hello List,

I am interested in dipping my toes in the waters of coding, programming, and website design.

Can anyone recommend, books, websites, courses, or podcasts to locate on these topics. I am a total beginner when it omes to these areas.

I use Jaws 2021 on a Windows 10 laptop, with a Focus 40 Braille display. Currently I am working on my Salesforce Admin, and then hopely the Nonprofit Salesforce certification.

You can share on this list or just e-mail me directly at jlukacsena@...


Jeff Lukacsena

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