moderated Could use some outlook 2021 contact help please.

Ron Kolesar

Hello, once again, from Ron Kolesar.

For my example on what I need help with, I’m going to compare windows live mail to the newer outlook mail package.

Now in WLM’s contacts, I was able to tab across and I had the following fields:

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and then nickname.

If I were to place a say call sign for my ham radio friends in the nickname field, when I wanted to write a letter to that firend, I could start typing in their call sign and the e-mail address would appear within the to field.

  1. How can I do this within the outlook mail package?
  2. 2. Again within in WLM, you had with one contact to switch from personal to business to have two contact information in one contact, instead of having to creat two contacts for the same person.
  3. How can I also do this within Outlook?
  4. Last but not least.
  5. I have some friends with multiple phone numbers and a cell phone number and multiple e-mail addresses.
  6. How can I enter in this information as well?
  7. Very Thankfully Yours,
  8. Ron Kolesar

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