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Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...>

Hi Richard,


thanks for that.

by any chance, do you have email addresses for these?

i have raised a support ticket with sight and sound in the U.K. yesterday, but to date, they have only sent the standard "thanks for your email" reply.


at this stage, its really annoying that this problem still exists.







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Hi Pat,

That seems like a very good diagnosis on your part.

I’d recommend sending your email again to Eric and to the Jaws support link, as some times it takes a couple tries to get their attention.

I had an issue that is finally solved in 2021 that went back to 2019 and it took several tries to get their attention.

They are rather busy, so I’m not blaming anyone, just pointing out that the old saying is true: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”





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hi, thanks for all your help. the verbosity problem is solved. however, for the jaws not loading problem, i found a curious thing. i am connecting wirelessly to my router. if i use the 2.4 ghz band, jaws loads correctly. if i use the 5ghz band, the problem occurs. i have tried this now with three different computers, all with the same result. this brings me back to the original problem i had in 2020, when someone mentioned the "grace period authorization". i now firmly believe, that this is the problem. jaws is trying to authorize itself too fast, and then doesn't load correctly. the 2.4 ghz band is slower than the 5ghz band, but not by much. however, it seems to be enough, to make the problem go away. the only thing now, is that i cannot use the 5ghz band on my router without unloading and reloading jaws 2021. i reported this to errick dammery in freedom scientific when it started last year. if there is anyone on this forum from freedom scientific, could you please pay attention to what is being said? again, sorry for rambling, but you would have thought, that this problem would be solved, as it now spans two versions of jaws. god knows, we pay enough for it!!!. i know which band on my router i am connecting to, as the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands have separate ssids. regards and thanks, pat.

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