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Richard Turner

The subscription would be to SendSpace to get faster download speeds. You would need to read about all that after you sign up for a free blind mice account so you can access the movie vault. If you do not mind the slow download speeds, there is no charge for the movie vault itself. They do request donations.
Some movies seem to be immediately available without SendSpace. 
Yes, they are getting new movies all the time. If you did not find much you may have not figured out their site.
I just checked and the first movie listed was Blithe Spirit from 2020.
I do not use it much, but it is a great service to get the MP3 files of movie soundtracks with audio description.


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I didn't find a lot of movies on there last time?


Are they still getting new ones?





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Hi, actually offers Mp3 movies and shows, but there are not nearly as many as Blind Mice Mart has. I, too, am looking for other free sites.

Richard, do you know how much a subscription is for Blind Mice?


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When the Blind Mice Mall Movie Vault uses direct download it works great.

If you have to use the free SendSpace download it is a pain.

If you buy a subscription for say 1 month to the high speed download with Sendspace, it works well.


As for other sites, I know of none that have mp3 files with audio description like what Blind Mice Mall offers.


Then, you are left with finding movie or TV shows for rent or purchase that include Audio Description or subscribing to services like Netflix who provide audio description on all their original content, or Disney Plus which offers a lot of movies and series with audio description.

The best source for finding out what shows have audio description is through ACB.

The Audio Description Project (ADP) (






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Does anyone know the sites which are accessible for movies which have                 audiodescription?


It seems as if the blind mice mall does not work os well, or at least, it didn't the last time I visited it.







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