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Jim Fettgather

For Google meet, there are IOS and Android apps that can be downloaded from their respective stores.

On the PC with Jaws, it is designed to be used right within  the browser, and Chrome seems to work the best.

You do not need to download anything for the PC, however, there seem to be several Chrome extensions that will enhance and improve your experience with Google meet, but they are not essential.


I have enjoyed using google meet, which you can get to by going to

All the buttons appear to be labeled, and as with many web-based apps, you may achieve good results especially if you turn the Jaws virtual cursor off.


You have complete control over your camera and microphone, there is a link that will copy the meeting code to the clipboard automatically for you to send to others, and you can turn on captions.

Unfortunately the captions are not too easy to read with Jaws, at any rate, the IOS and Android apps are very accessible as well.



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Hi there,

I’m wondering what you guys might know about using JAWS with a Zoom-like platform called Google Meeting. I’ll be downloading and playing with it, because I’m being asked about it. Can someone let me know how well it works with JAWS and how accessible it is in general?

I’ve only worked with Zoom, Skype, and Teams, and while I’ve heard of Google Meeting, I’ve never used or needed it.

I’d appreciate any information. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to figure it out as well.



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