moderated Asking a few outlook 2019 questions with a screen reader.

Ron Kolesar

Good morning to my fellow jaws users.

  1. Where can we find the area that allows us to adjust how often we want our mail to come in via keyboard commands?
  2. When I ship mail out with attachments, I usually go to the file that I’m going to attach then go into the sent to menu and go down or up arrow to sent by mail then put in the address and so on.
  3. How can I add not only one attachment, but multiple attachments to the outgoing letter?
  4. If I remember correctly, within WLM, you started adding attachments by alt I, then went through the keyboard shortcuts to add multiple attachments to the letter.

For some weird reason my wave file for receiving mail isn’t working in my sound scheme.

  1. I have both the desktop mail and the new mail with the same wave file.
  2. When I go to test the file it plays correctly.
  3. But, when I want it to go off, it doesn’t.
  4. The help desk will be calling later today to see if it is fix and we’ll take it from there.
  5. But for now, it isn’t going off.
  6. The wave file that I want to go off is the trucker4.wav file from the old Jim Kitchen game trucker for the beep beep sound effect since I have a roadrunner account.
  7. Many thanks for those who try to help me out.
  8. Ron who hates it when you need to have your computer formatted and slowly rebuilding it to try to get everything working once again.

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