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Ron Kolesar


Both the M.S. disability desk operator and I did all of that and it still won’t work.

Now it worked before I had to format the pc and if I go to test it, it works.

But when I want it to work, it won’t work.

Many thanks.



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Sent: Sunday, February 7, 2021 20:37
Subject: Re: A thank you letter.


Hi Ron,


In order for the email notification to work you need to set it in 2 places in, Control panel / Sounds / Sounds tab in the list of program events.  The first is, Desktop mail notification and 2nd is, New mail notification.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2021 4:23 PM

Subject: A thank you letter.


Just wanted to say thanks for those who tried to help me out today.

Now, the only issue I’m having is that for some strange reason, I can’t get the sound scheme that I want to play to go off for new mail notification.

I even have the M.S. Tech Support operator stumpted as well to why the sound effect wave file that I have chochen won’t go off as well.

Many thanks once again.


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