moderated Re: from a baffled one drive user

Edward Green

Hi Stan,

If you do a say line with JAWS key+up arrow on a folder or file in your OneDrive folder, it will tell you whether the folder is in the cloud or on your device.

To make a folder available on your device or not, you can get to the option in the context menu with shift+f10 when on the relevant folder.

If you make a folder available on your device, by default all its sub-folders and files should be available too so it's best to make available the highest level folder you’ll need, hard drive space permitting obviously.



On 7 February 2021 19:28:55 "Stan Holdeman" <sholdeman@...> wrote:

Hello listers: I have a one drive account. I have a one drive folder on my hard drive with lots of other folders and files within it. So are the contents of my one drive folder on my  computer, in the cloud or both? How does one tell?It is all very cloudy to me.




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