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The entire purpose of OneDrive just as is the case with Dropbox is to upload all your files to the cloud so you can access them from multiple devices.

Whether all your files are also stored as a local copy on your computer depends on a setting in OneDrive. If you go to OneDrive Settings and to the "Settings" tab, you find the following after about 5 tabs:


Files On-Demand, Save space and download files as you use them


This I sa checkbox, if it is checked the files on demand setting is turned on which means files are kept in the cloud until you use them. I prefer to have a complete copy of all my files on my laptop as well as on my work computer so I uncheck this setting and this means all files are downloaded to the computer and then are kept in sync, e.g. if I add a file on my laptop and then go to work, this file will also be synced/downloaded to my work computer. If I open a particular file like an Excel spreadsheet and make changes at work and I then go home and open the file on my laptop these changes will be refelected there. It's basiclaly like using Gmail with IMAP or with Exchange where all your email is kept on the server, but also synced to each device where you set up the account. The nice thing with such cloud services is that if I keep all my documents in OneDrive, i.e. if I change the location of the Documents folder from c:\users\Your User Account\Documents to c:\users\your user account\OneDrive\Documents and I buy a new computer, all I have to do is sign in with my Microsoft Id when I set up the new computer and all the documents then appear, I think the Files on demand settings is the default, however, so I would have to uncheck this on a new computer if I want the files to download there as well.

You can also change the location of the Pictures folder and under the Backup tab in OneDrive settings you can also enable your desktop and while this may not be new, you can actually enable backing up your Documents and Pictures folder there so you probably wouldn't even have to change the location any more.




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Hello listers: I have a one drive account. I have a one drive folder on my hard drive with lots of other folders and files within it. So are the contents of my one drive folder on my  computer, in the cloud or both? How does one tell?It is all very cloudy to me.




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