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Joseph Hudson

Is anybody no if you can say hey Sharky when you're writing a reply to an email and she will insert the text of what you said into an email?

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Dictation is never perfect, but I find it amazingly useful especially if I am just replying to a text message with a brief message of my own. It is everybody's responsibility to check what SIRI or whichever device or assistant you are using is writing and to correct mistakes, embarrassing or not. The email signatures I sometimes see about that dictation was used and to excuse any mistakes are a pet peeve of mine, there is no reason why you can't check your dictation results and correct any mistakes.

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Subject: Re: voice assistant question

I did not know it even existed. I tend to stay away from voice assistive things if at all possible. I've had some interesting experiences with the dictate function on my iPhone as in saying , "Thrift store. " It came out something entirely different which is not suitable for this list. I've never enabled "sharky" So, don't understand Madison why it would be turned on in the first place on your computer.

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Subject: voice assistant question

Hi all,
On the topic of the Jaws voice assistant, can anyone tell me how to get rid of it or turn it off? I tried going into utilities and I thought I'd turned it off, but it would seem not, as it still goes off even though I've never said any wake word to it ever. It's annoying and I'd like to have it turned off permanently if at all possible. I'm running the latest build of Jaws 2021 and Windows 10 2004.

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