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We just upgraded to QuickBooks desktop after using QB 2009 all this time. My wife does the books for the business so as far as accessibility, I’m not really involved. I do know that we paid $650 for a three year license that includes full support and updates for that time period. The $650 was for two licensed users as my mom needed to upgrade for her business as well. It would have otherwise been something like $400 for just one user for three years. We also used eBates that gave us back 7.5% plus the credit card that gives us back 2% on purchases so that helped cancel out the sales tax.

QB should work like any other accounting software after that three year period as it’s just accounting after all, but without the benefits of tech support and whatever bells and whistles they come up with. The only reason we needed to upgrade is because of change of certain tax forms for subcontractors that QB 2009 wasn’t able to generate.




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I wonder how long QuickBooks will continue to offer their desktop version since they really push QuickBooks Online. I don't know about the pricing of the desktop version, but I assume that in addition to the initial purchase price you still would also have some sort of annual cost. I now subscribed to the QuickBooks Online Plus plan which here in Canada ist $50 a month, but as a member of the Canadian Fedderation of Independent Business I get a 20% discount, so I am paying $40/month or $480 a year which is actually I think about the same or a bit less than I used to pay for the Sage 50 annual plan which gave me access to their yearly release version as well as bad technical support which I never used.

For many people the Essential subscription which here in Canada is $35 a month or even the Simple Start which is $20 a month probabably is enough, but for my retail business QuickBooks will be integrated with my point of sale system and if you want QuickBooks to handle inventory you need the Plus version.

I believe when I once inquired years ago the scripts were $750, add to this the cost of QuickBooks desktop and potentially an annual upgrade/maintenance plan and the subscription for the online version sounds pretty good. Of coruse there is also the benefit of being able to use the very accessible iOS app and to use it wherever you are and not just one your computer.


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I strongly advise you to just pay for those scripts from My Blind Spot. Without them there is no way to run that program accessibly. Trust me, you will be bumbling about in the dark with nowhere to turn. You cant beat their customer support either.


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