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Hello yu most likely should disable the mouse,
And if you need mouse, use
A usb mouse.
Try typing,
Mouse in the start menu edit box,
Now enter on the first entrie,
Which is simply mouse,
Now shift+tab=buttons tab,
Now right arrow until you hear;
Device tab,
Now tab and make your changes,
And then tab okay enter.

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You can give them a USB mouse and disable the mousePad in the device manager.

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I’m wondering if anyone knows what’s going on:
I disabled the tapping feature on my mouse pad so sighted people could use the mouse with the buttons. I know it’s disabled because when I tap it or move my fingers along it nothing happens except for the mouse to move.
I’m still having the same problem I had when the mouse was enabled. At random times I’m jumped to different windows, I’m moved to different places in a document or email at random times and sometimes when I’m typing a random bunch of text will be selected and deleted when I keep on typing.
Other people who have tested on my computer haven’t had this problem, so I’m wondering if there is a way to find if there are some touch pads that aren’t obvious that my hand position brushes? I don’t see anything except maybe around the mouse pad or keys. There are lights around my spacebar and mouse pad.
I’m running Windows 7 with Jaws 11. This jumping happens at random times and in any application.
Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs
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