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Marty, Voice Assistant is only on Windows 10.


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Subject: Re: Two questions regarding Jaws 2021.
Open the JAWS settings center by pressing Insert plus 6 on number row, press enter, then do acontrol shiftD to get to default  settings then type voice assistant in the search and it will show up in the results, there you can enable  or disable it.
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Subject: Re: Two questions regarding Jaws 2021.
I am running the current version of Jaws and I do not find a voice assistant in the utility menu.  Tom
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Subject: Re: Two questions regarding Jaws 2021.

I hope someone can answer about removing updates, but I am doubtful that can be done.

You can run the .exe file that you used to install Jaws 2021 and you will have an option to repair.


For me, the first item under Utilities is the voice assistant.

Are you sure you are on 2021?


I thought there was an option about the lost focus messages, but I’m not finding it right now.







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Subject: Two questions regarding Jaws 2021.


Good afternoon everyone, 

First, how would I go about doing a repair of Jaws 2021,  and can you remove a specific  update.  ,  I’m asking because whenever my computer boots up, I keep getting a lot of lost focus messages. Next, after I type whatever the subject line and tab to the edit field,  it indicates a dash    

Second, In the settings menu under the utilities option,  there isn’t anything about  enabling the  voice assistant.

Thanks in advance

for any and all help advice and suggestions,      


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