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Ann Byrne

Check out this website. TCSAccess has good tutorials here.

Dear Anne:

The advice and the help you have been giving me have been very helpful. I have done all the things you said, and I have even made sure to save the spreadsheet to my Google drive, but it still isn't working, even if I have the virtual cursor turned on. It is hard reading this document line by line. Can I copy it all and then save it in another format, such as Microsoft Word?

Rick Miller

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Be sure to turn off the virtual cursor with
insert-z. if that doesn't help, turn it back on
again. sometimes it makes a difference and sometimes it doesn't.

There is a whole list of Google docs shortcuts.

this is copied from a webinar transcript:
turn on accessibility

* Navigate to Tools menu with Alt + T

* Press Up or Down Arrow to navigate to Accessibility Settings

* Press Tab to Screen Reader Support

* Press Space to check the box

* Press Tab to the OK button

* Press Space to confirm the OK button

>> List with two items. Turn on screen reader support check box
not checked.

>> Ben: In this case I would want the screen
reader support turned on. So I'm pressing the
space bar. And as I continue to tab

>> Learn more about the list with two
items. Turn on Braille support. Check box.

>> Ben: Turn on supportive you're using a
Braille display. Just kind of a heads up, even
though you might get access to certain keystrokes
such as say line or being able to announce the
current font attributes, you might lose some
access to other keystrokes such as being able to
quickly identify a graphic and potentially select
that graphic regardless of which screen reader
you're using. The just kind of a heads up of the
trade off as you tooling to turn on Braille support on and off.

At 08:15 AM 2/4/2021, you wrote:
After you turn on Accessability, how do you go
about accessing Accessability Settings?

Rick Miller

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Be sure you have pressed alt-ctrl-z to turn on accessibility. In
accessibility settings, turn on Braille even if you don't have a
Braille display. At 10:22 PM 2/3/2021, you wrote:
Dear Listers:

I am trying to read a document from my church that was sent in
Googledocs, but I am finding that when I read it I can only do so
line-by-line, meaning I have to press the Down Arrow key after every
line. The JAWS Say All command will not work. Is there a way using
JAWS that I can read something in Googledocs straight through, as if
I were using the Say All command in other documents?

Rick Miller

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