Re: Jaws command to get Urgent msn?

Juan Pablo <jpculasso@...>

Dave, probably he said switch to the urgent conversation.
Firstly you need to asign the msn chat to a keystrocke.
Do the followin:
Press alt tab to reach the conversation windows that you want assign.
2. Press control plus windows key plus a number (1 to 5) to assign the conversation key.
To jump between the chats window:
Use insert plus space bar. After the sound press 1 to 5. If you need to jump to the urgent conversation, press 0.

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I don't 'even know what "urgent MSN" is. Can you explain further?

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HI guys: What the Jaws command to get the urgent msn? According to my Jaws
Spanish Windows+0, but this doesn't work. Any ideas?


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