Moderated Re: How do I read Audible books in Audible Sync with JAWS 2021 on Windows 10 20H2?

Edward Green

Hi Kevin,

You may need the standard Audible app. I know there's a Microsoft Store app though not sure how well it works.

I’ve stubbornly hung onto Audible Manager but don’t know if you can still get it as a desktop app.



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After a long while I was finally able to log into my Audible account in Audible Sync with JAWS 2021 and the latest Windows 10. I have a simple question. How do I read the books? I downloaded one, but everything I can think of to get it started isn’t working. I even thought of using the Touch Cursor, with no luck. Is another app required to read Audible content?


Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Kevin, Valerie and Jilly

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