moderated Jaws2020 monitor message

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All  I have jaws2020  and desktop computer windows10 ,well last night (Tuesday) I was reading email then suddenly  jaws was reading message then it cut off then I said to myself  it’s sounds like the electricity power cut off and I feel computer tower is still on then I ask my sister did the power cut off she say no  then I press window + r to type in jaws2020  however jaws did not come back on !! So I went to press windows key + m to press alt +f4 arrow down once to restart press enter  the computer never restart  then I went back on desktop  press alt f4 to press enter on shut down computer  that didn’t shut down either so I had to press the power button on computer tower to turns off the computer . Well this morning the computer was on but jaws still not saying anything at all so I have try to reload jaws 2 time it won’t come on  then my sister came and try to see if she can see what’s going on the windows screen monitor  she told me the monitor is on then few second  it’s say no detected  signal  so she try to restart the computer  it won’t restart so she said that she will ask my brother to come over after his doctor appointment  so my brother said there is something on the windows screen  monitor  but he can’t fix it and say the monitor is not working . Then this evening around 5:30 p.m. I call Mr.James to ask him when he came by the house on yesterday  with laptop and I was showing him something on desktop computer did he see anything strange about the monitor  he said no  then I went back on desktop computer while he was still on the phone  suddenly jaws start talking  then Mr.James  said it probably  was jaws doing it when my brother and I have try to reload jaws it won’t come on !! Does anyone have any idea  what is the other way to try to narrow jaws back on ?


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