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jeff worthington <jjwcristiano040106@...>

Voy a visitar su página! I do speak Spanish and have wondered about
JFWs in Spanish and how it works. If it's something that doesn't
exist, maybe we could work together to translate these books so that
Spanish speakers can have them or any other related stuff?
Espero saber de UD. Prónto.

On 3/22/12, Gerardo Corripio <> wrote:
HI listers: I'm finally back after some time; very high expectations I'll
get lots of good things from here!

Yesterday I started listening to Jaws Daisy books to get a better grasp and
maybe learn some tricl or tip I might have missed, and found a few
inconsistencies between Jaws English and Jaws Spanish I'd like to point out;
maybe you guys have seen them?

For starters I've moved from Jaws12 to 13 which recently got translated in
Spanish. First of all I see no Spanish daisy books! I'd think I'd be able to
maybe learn some things by listening to the English daisy books, however
here is where some of the inconsistencies start:

The books say from the Help menu one can go to Traning which is the first
item. I looked and looked and can't find it in my spanish jaws! Neither that
or the Search for updates aren't there.

Yes those of us with enough english to understand, and with enough
experiences with Jaws are able to think up ways to get around and achieve
what is being taught in these books, but what about all those people who are
very excited to, once get Jaws, learn about the computer and all that it has
to offer? How are they suppose to achieve the filosofy by which these books
were originally designed?

2.-When downloading Spanish Jaws, the daisy books aren't there except for
the FS Getting started, thus having to download them manually.

3.-for some weird reason, FsReader doesn't recognize these Daisy files as
daisy! Hard as I might try to change directory and open the Daisy books, I
get a ding and yes I know they get installed in the correct place since I
can see them when I go to Program Files, Freedom Scientific, Jaws Training.

I'd like to say that thanks to the cassettes, preceeding these digital
books, I learned the basics, thus talking from personal experience. From the
time I've been on spanish lists, and I see so many questions posed on such
simple matters covered on these courses, I always had a dream to somehow be
able to colaborate with FS maybe by recording Spanish tutorials and maybe
incorporate them into Jaws Spanish software?

I invite you (if you know enough spanish that is) to visit my blog


In which I recently recorded a few Jaws Spanish podcasts.


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