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Soronel Haetir

In this case even the full versions have problems, at least Samantha does.

On 2/1/21, Chris Hill <> wrote:

Yes, synthesizers try to guess context, if they just pronounced words,
they wouldn't work near as well.  It becomes obvious when they guess
wrong.  May I ask why you are using the compact version of the voice?
These are always inferior to the real versions, and most hardware won't
have trouble with the full one.

On 2/1/2021 17:22, Van Lant, Robin via wrote:


I’m using Vocalizer Nathan Compact with JAWS 2021.  This is not the
first case, but is striking today, so it prompted me to pose the
question.  I was reading through an Excel file for work of incoming
new hires.  I thought there was a typo, because the name of one of the
colleges was mispronounced if I read the cell.  If I read word by
word, it says the word fine.  I pasted the name into Word and the same
thing occurs. Reading in any manner except word by word, causes
Vocalizer to mispronounce it.  I’ve switched to Eloquence, Microsoft
Mobile, and VoiceWare, all of which do not have this issue.  As I
noted, this is not the first case. Do other people notice similar
issues with Vocalizer?  Is there a technical reason why a word would
be pronounced differently in word by word versus line by line or say all?

Here is the college.  The last word is the issue.  I have fixed it in
my dictionary manager for now by adding a third s to the word.

College of the Holy Cross

I really love the sound  of Nathan’s compact voice, but am quite
surprised by some of the strange pronunciations it has for common
words.  Even the opposite of “Female” is totally off and is the first
thing I adjust in a new dictionary file.

Using Windows 10, JAWS 2021, Office 365.

*Robin Van Lant*

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Soronel Haetir

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