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You simply create folders for your emails and move them from your Inbox into these folders. If you do this efficiently your Inbox will always be extremely organized if not completely empty.

I, for example, have a folder called "Buying and Selling" and in that folder I have sub folders for any store or website where I may buy stuff like Amazon, Best Buy etc. With Amazon I go even a step further and I make subfolders for each year, e.g. 2019, 2020, 2021 and I move any order confirmation emails I receive after an order into these folders. I furthermore have a folder called Financial and Insurance where I have sub folders for my bank, credit card companies, insurance company etc. and any emails from these organisations go into the appropriate folders. I then have a folder called Family and Friends with sub folders for different people, I have one called Technology with sub folders for technical information for the devices I own, e.g. Apple, Sonos, Lg etc. For my business I have similar folders including one called Suppliers which has hundreds of sub folders and other sub folders in it. I use Outlook so if I have an email I want to keep I just press Control + Shift + V which is the shortcut to move a message, this bring up my folder tree, I type, fo r example, "Sup" to go to my supplier folder or "Fin" to go to my financial folder, then expand it with the right arrow, use first letter navigation to find the sub folder I want, if it has further sub folders like years I again expand it, once I am on the folder where I want the email to go I press enter and it is moved out of the Inbox and into that folder.


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Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2021 7:08 PM
Subject: Question about keeping email in another folder before deleting inbox


I was wondering if anyone knows how I can keep emails I don't want to delete in another folder so that I can delete emails in my inbox? I know this isn't necessarily JAWS related, but wasn't sure who to ask.


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