moderated MP3gain installation


I'm wanting to install mp3gain on my Windows 10 computer and I'm wondering if there are any issues/risks or gotchas that I should know about. I launched the installer and got a dialog that indicated that some necessary files might be missing or out of date. It did give me the option to install anyway. I'm thinking that I read something in the past about updating these files might mess up Jaws functionality, but I'm not sure about that. Can anyone confirm or deny this issue? Should I grab the full version of mp3gain or just go ahead and install the standard version? Will the standard version work with the files that come with Windows 10?

Do I need to be cautious of the download from SourceForge? I also am concerned that some installers might be bundled with bloatware. Is this a concern I need to worry about? If so, can anyone point me to a clean version of mp3gain?

Is there anything else I should be aware of before installing mp3gain?


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