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Don Risavy, Jr.

This isn't for me as it's for one of the students that we work with at the
FL Rehab Center for the Blind that is trying to use QuickBooks. So will pass
this info along to the instructor that is trying to work with the student
with jaws.

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I guess this is one of the situations where you get what you pay for. I use
QuickBooks Online which is very accessible, but then it's a subscription
based service so you have to decide if you want to pay hundreds for the
scripts and it's not like the desktop version of QuickBooks is free or if
you want to just pay a bit each month. Are you using it personally or for
business? Not sure how much a personal/self-emploed type of subscription is,
I pay I think $35 a month here in Canada and that is after a fairly
significant discount I get as a member of the Canadian Federation for
Independent Business, but I have two incorporated companies I have to do
bookkeeping for, one is just a holding company which owns my building and it
has a very low volume of items, the other is my retail business with undreds
of transactions a month.. I don't use it for Payroll since I use a payroll
service for that.

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Yes know about them already; but, was trying to find something more
affordable or even free smile.

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For the desktop version there is one from .

On Fri, 29 Jan 2021 13:06:36 -0500,
Don Risavy, Jr. wrote:

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Does anyone know of if there are any scripts out there that are
available for jaws and QuickBooks?



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