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Mike B.

Hi Adrian,
This was the only answer I could find when searching for how to remove placemarks or temporary placemarks.  Well, what I should say is that all the answers I found pretty much said this same thing.  But, when I placed a temporary placemark in a DOCX file, and tried to have Jaws report it's ASCII code or whatever it's called I couldn't get one.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Like you, I’m confused by Vaughn’s question. I’m not sure he’s using Word. If he is, you’re right that only one placemarker can be set, and it’s temporary. Set another placemarker, and the previous one is automatically removed. At any rate, that’s true through Outlook 2016.


As you know, it is possible to set more than one placemarker on webpages. I wonder if Vaughn is using some sort of semi-webpage text program.


Finally, to avoid confusion, the markers cited in the “featured snippet” are for revealing paragraph markers, an unrelated issue that came up on this list recently.


Vaughn, if you’ve solved the problem, great. Otherwise, please post the name and version of the program you’re using. Knowing Mike, he’ll either have the answer or find it for you.


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Hi Vaughn,


I don't know if my answer is going to help you much but, here goes.  When you create a temporary placemark in a Word doc that's exactly what you're doing but, when you make a second placemark you're not making a second placemark, you're only moving the original placemark since only 1 placemark can be used at a time in a Word doc, from what I understand.


Knowing what version of Word you're running would be helpful along with which operating system, but since we're working ginerically the answer will be gineric as well.  Here you go:

Featured snippet from the web
Word - Remove all table of authority markers
list of 5 items
1. Click the Show/Hide Paragraph Markers tool on the Home tab to show the
Paragraph markers. (The rest of the directions will not work if this step is
not taken)
2. Press Ctrl+H to display the Find and Replace dialog box.
3. In the Find What box, enter ^19 TA.
4. Make sure that nothing is in the Replace With box.
5. Click Replace All.
list end

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Hello, listers,


I am doing a great deal of research for my final semester in graduate school. As a result I am marking spots in lengthy texts with CTL+Windows+K and finding them with ALT+Windows+K. How do I remove these markings?


Thank you,



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