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Mike B.

Hi Vaughn,
I don't know if my answer is going to help you much but, here goes.  When you create a temporary placemark in a Word doc that's exactly what you're doing but, when you make a second placemark you're not making a second placemark, you're only moving the original placemark since only 1 placemark can be used at a time in a Word doc, from what I understand.
Knowing what version of Word you're running would be helpful along with which operating system, but since we're working ginerically the answer will be gineric as well.  Here you go:
Featured snippet from the web
Word - Remove all table of authority markers
list of 5 items
1. Click the Show/Hide Paragraph Markers tool on the Home tab to show the
Paragraph markers. (The rest of the directions will not work if this step is
not taken)
2. Press Ctrl+H to display the Find and Replace dialog box.
3. In the Find What box, enter ^19 TA.
4. Make sure that nothing is in the Replace With box.
5. Click Replace All.
list end

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Hello, listers,


I am doing a great deal of research for my final semester in graduate school. As a result I am marking spots in lengthy texts with CTL+Windows+K and finding them with ALT+Windows+K. How do I remove these markings?


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