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Dave Durber

When I installed Windows 10 last year, I was using JFW 2020. When I installed JFW 2021, all of a sudden, without logic or reason, my creative labs USB sound card was disconected by Windows 10 or, the driver stopped working. I thought I had installed Silenzio when I installed Windows 10 but, I had not. Since I installed Silenzio, The USB sound card has been working properly.

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Hi Dave,


Yes, my laptop is on my desk with nothing under it or around it. Honestly, I don’t think this is the issue. When I came down this morning and started working, I had the problem quite soon after starting. I tried unloading and reloading JAWS, and that seemed to work.




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When you use the laptop, is the computer resting on a hard surface, such as a table, without a soft cloth or material, between the laptop and the table?


It is very important to ensure that the ventilation slotson the underside of the computer are not partially blocked or totally blocked.


When I use my laptop on my lap, I have a piece of laminated wood which was cut in such a way that when the laptop is resting on the piece of wood, there is about 3 inches of wood jutting out on either side of the laptop and 2 inches, jut out at the front and the back. The piece of wood, is between half and 3 quarters of an inch thick.




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Hi Dan,


I do worry about whether it is cooling enough, but I don’t know what to do about that.


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  Wondering if this may be an issue with your laptop that is affecting JAWS performance?

Some areas to consider:

  How much memory do you have and does your ongoing work consume much of the memory?

Not often but at times the computer will not clear a program from memory even after it, the program, is closed.  Your re start of the computer fixes this issue.

Is your laptop being cooled adequately??

Laptops, especially newer, will slow the cpu if temperatures rise. (Thermo throttling )

Thus the performance of JAWS and other programs may be compromised.

  Your issue may indeed be JAWS related however just a couple other ideas.



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Subject: JAWS getting sluggish/cutting out?


Hi All,


I am not exactly sure how to describe this, but I will give it a go. I am running Windows 10 and JAWS 2021 – the issue isn’t specific to any program. It seems that after I have been working for a while on my laptop – for the morning – JAWS starts to get a bit sluggish by times. It is slow to respond when I press a key, and it is kind of intermittent. I also notice, at the same time that the sound is less sharp – I’m really not sure if that is at all helpful.


If I shut down and restart it seems to go away until a few hours later.


Any ideas?





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