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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Ann. I like that method, too. The problem with this method, though, is
that, sometimes, JAWS doesn't restart itself. If it's going to work, it
usually always works. But on some computers, for whatever reason, when you
press JAWS key plus Windows key plus F4, JAWS quits, and stays gone.

Bill White

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Another thing to try is insert+windows+4. I hold
it down a couple of seconds; JAWS goes silent; then it restarts itself.
At 11:42 AM 1/30/2021, you wrote:
Thanks, Bill, this seems to be what fixes it.
Turning Narrator on didn't have much of an
impact, and it doesn't seem to be related to over heating.


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Hi, Cynthia. This is not a fix for the problem,
but it is a less radical method of restoring JAWS to better performance.

Rather than shutting down the computer,

1. Press JAWS key plus F4, and if you are asked
if you want to quit JAWS, click Yes.
2. Restart JAWS by either going to the desktop
and pressing the letter J, or open the "run"
dialog with Windows key plus the letter R, and type JAWS2021 and press

This will allow you to get JAWS working again
without having to leave any tasks you may be performing.

Bill White

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Subject: JAWS getting sluggish/cutting out?

Hi All,

I am not exactly sure how to describe this, but
I will give it a go. I am running Windows 10 and
JAWS 2021 - the issue isn't specific to any
program. It seems that after I have been working
for a while on my laptop - for the morning -
JAWS starts to get a bit sluggish by times. It
is slow to respond when I press a key, and it is
kind of intermittent. I also notice, at the same
time that the sound is less sharp - I'm really
not sure if that is at all helpful.

If I shut down and restart it seems to go away until a few hours later.

Any ideas?



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