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Richard Turner

Dave, perhaps you could give more details about the router, the number of rooms away from the router, and even what kind of building?
Is it two stories, old lath and plaster or newer construction?
House or apartment?
All this can impact the Wi-Fi signal.


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I agree, try a better adapter and/or go for a meshed networking solution. Extenders will resolve a connection issue, but  will sacrifice network speed dramaticaly.




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Power line adapters allow you to connect to ethernet using your electric wiring.  Another thought is to get a different wi-fi adapter, sounds like what you bought wasn't any good.



On 1/30/2021 06:33, Dave Durber wrote:

Hello everyone:


If my problem is inappropriate for this list, please let me know where I can go to get help to resolve it.


We have a DELL PC computer. It is running the latest version of Windows 10. the latest version of JAWS is also installed.


Recently, I had to move the computer from one roon to another room. In the original location, the connection to the network and the internet, was through an ethernet connection, and I had very few problems. In the new location, I connected the USB Wifi dongle and installed the software and selected my ISP's router. I chose to have the computer connect automatically to other devices on the network.


My problem is, each time I turn on the computer, and try to access the internet, retrieve my email or, connect to another computer on the network, I get the message that there are no networks available. However, I have checked the setting to have the computer connect to the router automatically, when the system is in range, but still the system does not connect the the router each time I start the computer.


Any and all suggestions will be very much appreciated.


Dave Durber. .



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