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Cussons, M. (Mark)

HI Adrian,

Thanks a mil.  Yes, this sluggish behaviour is very annoying.  How do I turn off layer tables?

Thanks for your help, for regrettably I cannot run any repairs on office or JAWS, as I don’t have admin rights on my machine.  Only the JAWS install file is whitelisted for me to install when updates arrive.




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Subject: Re: Re latest JAWS 2021 and office 365 queries


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Hi Mark,


I’m having somewhat similar problems with JAWS 2021, and I also end up reverting to 2020.


Regarding messages with tables, I suggest opening up a message, any message, and pressing JAWS key+v to open JAWS quick settings. Type “table” into the search field, and then arrow down through the options. Actually, I’ve just checked my notes of previous posts that have worked for me, and I’ll copy them here:


Bill white. Try opening Outlook. Press JAWS key plus V for Quick Settings. In the search box, type table detection

Uncheck this option, TAB to OK, and press ENTER.

See if this allows your email to be read correctly.

Another answer. If the detect tables does not work, another possibility is that layout tables are causing you grief so make sure they are turned off.


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Subject: Re latest JAWS 2021 and office 365 queries


HI List,

Greetings from SA.  Has any one experienced the following issues with JAWS 2021 and office 365, mainly using outlook.

When trying to compose a message, or arrow through my inbox, or use the address book, Jaws tends to freeze for no reason, and I have to wait a minute or so, or alt tab around for it to respond again.  This is running on my work laptop, with office 365, and the latest build of windows 10.

Also, some times when opening an email, it will only read table coordinates, and not the contents of the email.  Any advice will be highly appreciated.  So I’ve reverted back to JAWS 2020 for the meantime.

And JAWS appears to be very slow at times, not sure if its because of all the extra background and security policies running as well.


Warm Regards



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