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Maria Reyes

yeah when I had my tech list I tried to keep people on topic. on my general chat list however, obviously it's general chat but if it's going to be a long thread, I would ask you to change the subject line as the subject changes.

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On Jan 28, 2021, at 8:02 PM, Randy Barnett <blindmansbluff09@...> wrote:

Yeah, I am glad I am not on his list...

On 1/28/2021 5:00 PM, David Diamond wrote:

Someone had a good dose of their cranky pills this morning. Smile.   


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So now this has become a list for the discussion of blindness rehab and O&M training, neither of which has any connection whatsoever to JAWS. For those of you who insist on continuing this off-topic thread, I suggest joining the Blind-Talk list, which is a more general forum where just about anything is permissible for discussion.  To join, send a blank message to:





On 1/28/2021 12:17 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:

That sounds more like a complaint.
Perhaps she could sit in in a very dark room for five or ten minutes before
going home.
But if folks don't like it, they will find a way to make it have negative
And if she really believed in its benefit, perhaps she would have thought of
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A guide dog trainer told me when she wore the blind fold for one day at the
end of the day she had such a headache when she had to drive home.  After
seeing nothing, all of a sudden she was flooded with visual information, it
was over whelming to her.
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 I don't see a problem I think teaching the sighted about Access Technology
is a
 cool thing.
 I even had my dad who is sighted use Talk Back on his phone but he said
 a day he wanted no more to do with it.
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 On 1/27/21, Glenn / Lenny <glennervin@...> wrote:
 > I would make a different point about wearing blindfolds.
 > In any situation, but especially the Blind service industry, the
 > blindfolds typically are not worn for empathy, they actually are or
 > should be worn so the wearer can learn non-visual skills, independent of
 > If a sighted person is going to be teaching Blindness skills, then
 > that person needs to have confidence in the skills being taught.
 > Also, as far as being on a Jaws or any other list oriented to those
 > who use the associated products, it could be anyone, like the guy or
 > gal down the street who does not even use the product.  As far as
 > rules go, although one could discriminate against the sighted, there
 be no way to police it.
 > And really, who cares who joins any list, as long as they aren't a
 > problem lister.
 > Glenn
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 > Yes, AT instructors have to spend a week or two blindfolded so they
 > can empathize and understand what it is really like. without doing
 > this they aren't able to really understand what it is like for us.
 > On 1/27/2021 5:44 PM, David Diamond wrote:
 >   I agree with Brian.  At one of the guide dog schools, one of the
 > days all students have to wear a blind fold or night shade from after
 > Breakfast to supper.  This is generally a total of 8 hours.  Point?
 > So they rely on their guide dogs instead of their sight.  Tie in?  How
 > will the sighted know about the problems the VI sector have if they
 > are not aware of them.  It drove me nuts when someone on the Microsoft
 > disability help desk told me to click on the yellow X.  Darling, if I
 > could see it I would not be calling your department.
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 >   Well, unless there's some rule banning the sighted (in which case I
 > should have been gone, long ago), I can't see this as a problem.
 >   I think it's an excellent idea for sighted individuals working in
 > the VI sphere to join and learn from the groups related to same.
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